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Üyelik tarihi: 20.07.11
Bulunduğu yer: bursa
Üye No : 244597
Cinsiyeti : Bay
Mesajlar: 411
Tecrübe Puanı: 8
Rep Puanı : 410
Rep Derecesi : sonaslan_1989 : o bir Figüransonaslan_1989 : o bir Figüransonaslan_1989 : o bir Figüransonaslan_1989 : o bir Figüransonaslan_1989 : o bir Figüran
Seviye: 18 [♥ Bé-Yêu ♥♥ Bé-Yêu ♥]

Aktiflik: 0 / 446
Güç: 137 / 4611
Deneyim: 85%
Standart Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Marvel : Ultimate Alliance

Marvel : Ultimate Alliance Pc GAme (FullIso/Eng)
Game Platforme(s) : PC | Language : English |Publisher : Activision | Developer : Raven Software |
Genre : Action Role-Playing | Size : 4 Gb

In2004, Raven Software surprised a lot of people with X-Men Legends, anaction role-playing game focusing on the exploits of Marvels mutantsuperheroes. The Diablo-style gameplay was a significant departure forRaven, a developer best known for its extensive work on first-personshooters. Perhaps more surprising was the games success in introducingaction RPG conventions to the world of superheroes, a fairly novelcombination at the time. It proved to be a winning formula, one thatRaven further refined with last years X-Men Legends II: Rise ofApocalypse. Not content with the localized struggles of the X-Men, theconcept has been blown out to an intergalactic, interdimensional scalewith Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. With more than 20 unique playableheroes; a massive campaign that features a wide variety of well-knownMarvel Universe villains, supporting characters, and locations; andplenty of hidden extras, its the biggest piece of Marvel fan serviceseen in a video game. It also builds upon a lot of the gameplay systemsestablished in the X-Men Legends games, making for an experience thatsdeeper, longer lasting, and generally more satisfying.
Ominousdeeds are afoot right from the start in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Dr.Doom has brought together a coalition of supervillains under the Mastersof Evil name, whose first act is to attack a S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier.An opposing coalition of superheroes quickly comes to the aid ofS.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, who takes command of the situation andcoordinates the superheroes as they continue to track Doom and hisminions across the universe and into different dimensions. The sheerquantity of Marvel supervillains youll face on your quest to defeat Dr.Doom is genuinely staggering. Heavy hitters like Ultron, the Mandarin,Mephisto, Loki, and Galactus all play major roles, but theres stillroom for lower-profile villains like M.O.D.O.K., Fin Fang Foom, Arcade,Grey Gargoyle, Blackheart, Super Skrull, and literally dozens of others.There are a couple of truly excellent twists and turns, and the storydoes a good job of concealing the true nature of Dr. Dooms plans untiljust the right moment. Some of the finer points, such as the excess oflong-winded expository speeches in between levels, dont stand up toclose scrutiny so well, but the narrative is successful in keeping thegame moving at a fast clip.

Your starting lineup in Marvel:Ultimate Alliance consists of Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, andWolverine, but after a few levels playing with these heroes, youregiven the option to create your own custom team. At first youll haveabout 18 different heroes to choose from, and they represent a goodcross-section of high-profile heroes and more obscure fan favorites.Old-schoolers like the Fantastic Four, Iron Man, and several X-Men arethere, as are a number of heroes who are likely unknown to those whodont keep up with comics, such as Moon Knight, Luke Cage, Spider-Woman,and Deadpool. As you progress youll run into other heroes such asBlade, Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, and the Silver Surfer, who will in turnjoin the cause. Part of the fun of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance is thesheer variety of places the game takes you. While the X-Men Legendsgames seemed stuck mostly in dungeonlike corridors and sewers and such,here youll visit some of the most spectacular and mythical locations inthe Marvel Universe, including Mephistos Realm, Asgard, Mandarinspalace, the Skrull homeworld, and, finally, Dr. Dooms sinisterLatverian castle. Many of the environments really do look as if theycame straight out of a comic book.

The basics of the gameplayshould be perfectly familiar by now to fans of hack-and-slash dungeoncrawlers like Diablo, Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance, or Ravens own X-MenLegends games. Commanding a group of four superheroes, youll fightyour way through swarms of enemies, becoming more powerful and gainingnew abilities and the occasional piece of gear along the way. From theget-go, everyone can perform a handful of straight-up melee combos.There are a few details that give the basic combat some depth beyondsimple button mashing, such as the ability to disarm enemies and grapplewith them and enemies that are only susceptible to specific attacks.Each hero has a unique set of special powers, and these special powers,along with, for example, the ability of flight when appropriate, play abig part in giving each hero a unique feel. As different as theabilities can look and feel, most can be easily slotted into a handfulof categories. There are melee attacks, radial attacks, projectileattacks, beam attacks, individual and team boosts, and high-poweredxtreme attacks that you can only trigger after your usuallyslow-filling momentum meter reaches capacity. Save for the SilverSurfer, who seems stymied by the terranean nature of the gameplay, theheroes feel quite comparable to their ink-and-paper counterparts.

Setup Instruction

1- Extract Rar File
2- Mount ISO file with DAEMON Tools (Or whatever)
3- Click Setup.exe to Instal the Game
4- Copy Game.exe from Crack Folder to the Folder Game Directory
5- Play & Have Fun .................... Enjoy ;)


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